Film #37 – Lunch.

Thaken through a very misty window of a Subway. IMG_0627



Day 5: Own Garden.

IMG_3172This is taking garden-creeping to the next level. Taken at an allotment centre, with 10s of gardens next to each other and lots of flowers/plants to photograph. I don’t have all that many photos to show though. It was quite rainy hence the water droplets but during editing I managed to figure out how to process the photo to look realistically like and overcast evening – warm rather than grey/blue (tutorial will be posted in a couple of days).



What do you do when it’s pouring it down and there’s thunder and lightning outside? Photos should be the only answer. This particular one isn’t great but it’s my first photo of lightning which is quite fair, considering thunderstorms are kinda annual in the UK.

Unfortunately I was situated being double glazed glass i.e. Bane of Photography. To make that worse, I had to point the camera at an angle, getting all the more reflection from lights inside. I reduced it by putting a jumper over the hood of the lens but unfortunately couldn’t help the two raindrops on the other side of the window (see: two MASSIVE blurry blobs around top middle).

Kelmarsh Reenactment. (#30010)


I was invited to photograph the famous reenactment site in the UK – Kelmarsh. Unfortunately, because it is the UK, their plans of fighting in very heavy chain armour, with very heavy swords, and my plans of taking photos of their hard work from a comfortable-ish seat, were ruined by rain. I still managed some photos of the flooded village but my favourite is this – mainly because I love medieval ranged weapons. This was one of the two stationary weapons they had, the other was a trebuchet which is an order of magnitude more impressive but arrows are more appealing to me.
Best thing – they let me use it, and it is awesome. If the arrows weren’t blunted with a large leather ball, it would probably kill.

Macro Week #3 Day 1: Delicate

As promised, here’s the 3rd edition of macro week. Progressing in chronological order, this is from the entrance to the graveyard opposite campus. It was raining for a minute so the droplets are as delicate as the flower – a nice complement.IMG_4623

100th Post: Laser Show (#20000) (#20014)

IMG_0000 IMG_0014Quite a coincidence that my 100th post starts off with a nice round number!
I photographed this laser show which was a part of an Art project by a few guys from northampton. Basically they shot a 50W laser from the top of the “National Lift Tower” (yup, that’s a thing) across the whole county. It was pretty cool so I obviously took photos!