Macro Week #3 Day 1: Delicate

As promised, here’s the 3rd edition of macro week. Progressing in chronological order, this is from the entrance to the graveyard opposite campus. It was raining for a minute so the droplets are as delicate as the flower – a nice complement.IMG_4623

100th Post: Laser Show (#20000) (#20014)

IMG_0000 IMG_0014Quite a coincidence that my 100th post starts off with a nice round number!
I photographed this laser show which was a part of an Art project by a few guys from northampton. Basically they shot a 50W laser from the top of the “National Lift Tower” (yup, that’s a thing) across the whole county. It was pretty cool so I obviously took photos!



IMG_2649I love taking photos of rain. I could never capture the droplets with just the right amount of movement but not so big as to make them smudges. Also learned how to mask digital noise a little better than before. The smoothness becomes a bit obvious on the table┬ábut I’d rather have that than grain.