Macro Week #18 – Day 4.

Shield bug as seen through the £5 Miranda lens.


Day 1: Wicked Fruit.

Unannounced, comes the 4th Macro Week. Friday is the new Monday so here’s the first of 7 street-macro shots I took. I say ‘street-macro’ because all of these are taken of front garden plants or in one instance a tree. Just want to show that to take macro photos you don’t need to have plants in your own garden or go to any special plant places.  IMG_4951

Day 6: Geranium robertianum.



I actually found out what the weed is called! It’s apparently also called Red Robin and Crow’s Foot. Definitely one of my favourite plants to photograph. When the bulbs are caught in the background, the white hairs form a glowing aura around it and the bright purple petals complement the earthy-green leaves.