Borneo ’16 – Headlights, Backlights. (Macro Week #21 – Day 3)


Waited for a car to drive past and light up these flowers.


Borneo ’16 – UAE.


First stop – Abu Dhabi. A very quick one too. No photos from the airport, just this one of what clearly is a very quickly developed city. The streets very uniform and efficient. Makes an interesting tilt shift subject.

Glass – 02. Miranda 35-135mm F3.5 | Sample 2

02. Miranda 35-135mm F3.5 IMG_0915

Here’s a better example of the spherical distortion I mentioned. You can see in the subtle bokeh in the background that it swirls in a circular way, where the edges are a little more in focus than the centre.

This means you can separate a central subject more effectively from a background and do so in a unique way. Modern lenses have the focal line run perfectly perpendicular to the camera. In this case the line is curved, running a little further on the edges and a little closer in the middle.


Film #1 – Analogue Memories.

The upcoming month, starting today, will mostly consist of photos I’ve taken on film over the past few years. This series will have photos from my colour films as those are the first ones I’ve scanned. I will be making a post about the way I scanned these images to get a very high resolution rendering – the original file is ~20MP.IMG_0043