Borneo ’16 – Headlights, Backlights. (Macro Week #21 – Day 3)


Waited for a car to drive past and light up these flowers.

Borneo ’16 – KK Bokeh. (Macro Week #21 – Day 2)


Borneo ’16 – UAE.


First stop – Abu Dhabi. A very quick one too. No photos from the airport, just this one of what clearly is a very quickly developed city. The streets very uniform and efficient. Makes an interesting tilt shift subject.

Glass – 02. Miranda 35-135mm F3.5 | Sample 2

02. Miranda 35-135mm F3.5 IMG_0915

Here’s a better example of the spherical distortion I mentioned. You can see in the subtle bokeh in the background that it swirls in a circular way, where the edges are a little more in focus than the centre.

This means you can separate a central subject more effectively from a background and do so in a unique way. Modern lenses have the focal line run perfectly perpendicular to the camera. In this case the line is curved, running a little further on the edges and a little closer in the middle.