Borneo ’16 – Lift off.


New series of photos that I’ve taken on my trip to Eastern Malaysia earlier this year.




What do you do when it’s pouring it down and there’s thunder and lightning outside? Photos should be the only answer. This particular one isn’t great but it’s my first photo of lightning which is quite fair, considering thunderstorms are kinda annual in the UK.

Unfortunately I was situated being double glazed glass i.e. Bane of Photography. To make that worse, I had to point the camera at an angle, getting all the more reflection from lights inside. I reduced it by putting a jumper over the hood of the lens but unfortunately couldn’t help the two raindrops on the other side of the window (see: two MASSIVE blurry blobs around top middle).


IMG_4625There’s a lot of very cliche urban shots I try to avoid but some are my guilty pleasures. This is one of these ‘unavoidables’, mainly because of the interesting house finish on the left of the frame. That together with the nicely straight street and uniformity of the rest of the houses really screamed at me ever since I moved into the new uni house.
I walked by this house every time on the way to the shop and just waited for the weather to be right. It was slightly overcast and blue-ish that day but when temperature-corrected it gave an almost exotic feel, as if the house was in Spain or somewhere more interesting than Leicester, at least that’s how I feel.