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Shot of a lit up stair case from the street in Redcliffe.


IMG_6818 IMG_6823 IMG_6831 IMG_6863


Was invited to a far removed birthday party, decided to break the awkwardness of not knowing anyone by taking photos of the guests. These images are just corrected for contrast and exported in Black and White. The blur was created with my makeshift 50mm F1.8 tilt-shift lens.


IMG_4625There’s a lot of very cliche urban shots I try to avoid but some are my guilty pleasures. This is one of these ‘unavoidables’, mainly because of the interesting house finish on the left of the frame. That together with the nicely straight street and uniformity of the rest of the houses really screamed at me ever since I moved into the new uni house.
I walked by this house every time on the way to the shop and just waited for the weather to be right. It was slightly overcast and blue-ish that day but when temperature-corrected it gave an almost exotic feel, as if the house was in Spain or somewhere more interesting than Leicester, at least that’s how I feel.