CineFest #2

Another shot from #BIFC – Wednesday – Getting ready to film a masterclass.IMG_1433



CineFest #1

A day after submitting my final film (Anty-Human) I dived straight into volunteering at the British and International Festival of Cinematography (BIFC) to document the entire event. In some spare moments when the camera was capturing the audience, I managed to snap a few photos on my camera. I picked 7 favourites out of those.
IMG_1356This is a photo of a conversation/interview between Directors – Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace) and Billy Williams (Gandhi). Billy was so emotive in his answers that I tried to capture his passion by capturing the entire answer.



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100th Post: Laser Show (#20000) (#20014)

IMG_0000 IMG_0014Quite a coincidence that my 100th post starts off with a nice round number!
I photographed this laser show which was a part of an Art project by a few guys from northampton. Basically they shot a 50W laser from the top of the “National Lift Tower” (yup, that’s a thing) across the whole county. It was pretty cool so I obviously took photos!



Similar aesthetic to my last post, I seem to have phasic editing trends. Liking the high contrast black and white processing at the moment, will probably change within the month.

Same day/place as last post too. Slowly trying to sort through my 1200-odd backlogged photos. Seem to be taking more pictures than am editing… this is bad… or?