CineFest #2

Another shot from #BIFC – Wednesday – Getting ready to film a masterclass.IMG_1433



CineFest #1

A day after submitting my final film (Anty-Human) I dived straight into volunteering at the British and International Festival of Cinematography (BIFC) to document the entire event. In some spare moments when the camera was capturing the audience, I managed to snap a few photos on my camera. I picked 7 favourites out of those.
IMG_1356This is a photo of a conversation/interview between Directors – Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace) and Billy Williams (Gandhi). Billy was so emotive in his answers that I tried to capture his passion by capturing the entire answer.


What’s That, Nan?

Having a lot of freedom regarding interview topic, I decided to film my grandmother who’s started showing signs of dementia. I wanted to give a glimpse into the life of a dementia sufferer and to show that it’s not just about forgetfulness.
Unfortunately it is subtitled as she knows no English.