IMG_3728Pseudo-central composition. The glint on the wave is a little to the left of center because the Isle of Wight in the background is a little to the right.



Macro Week #7 – Day 1: Bournemouth.


I remember lying across pebbles, stretched out, people walking past and giving strange looks but what’s a shot without getting out of your comfort zone? The sea made some nice bokeh, as did wet pebbles though they also made the shot very uncomfortable to take.┬áProbably my favourite from the Bournemouth trip anyway.


Similar aesthetic to my last post, I seem to have phasic editing trends. Liking the high contrast black and white processing at the moment, will probably change within the month.

Same day/place as last post too. Slowly trying to sort through my 1200-odd backlogged photos. Seem to be taking more pictures than am editing… this is bad… or?