Film #10 – Engineering.




Day 6: Isolate.


One of the rare times when I don’t abide by the rule of 3rds.

Would also like to send a big Thank You to the (now 101) followers that helped me reach the 100 milestone yesterday – on my birthday! That’s quite some timing!


IMG_6263This was a failed, overexposed photo but I tried to make the most of it. The bits that weren’t washed out made this scattered scene with lots of things about it i think. You can tell what’s happening even though it’s a black and white photo with most of it missing.

Day 7: 4 Rose.


Short message to visitors: Please don’t jump straight to the description of the photo. I’d appreciate it greatly if you had a good look, formed your own opinion and possibly voiced it in the comments.

The descriptions to my posts can sometimes destroy the illusion of own interpretation, I try not to do it but I like to explain my photos rather than just post for the sake of posting.

Back to the post:

Final post of this Macro Week, there are several already planned. Remember, these images are taken a while back (month or two). I went to an allotment complex the day before yesterday and took 200+ macro photos so at least one Macro Week feature should come out of those!

Nothing fancy in this photo. I liked that the rose is very beautiful until you look closely and see the damage on the edges. The other aesthetic feature is the colour balance between the subject and the rose in the foreground on the left. By colour balance I mean relative to the layout of the frame.

Day 6: Three Thirds.

IMG_4983 Some say the rule of thirds is THE rule, others that it’s overused. I’m agnostic – the rule of thirds applies to some things and not others. All depends on how the subject interacts with the surroundings.

Here, I tried to put the flower on the right third but it didn’t quite look right, then I noticed that the background can be nicely split into three sections, with the flower being off-center.