Film #15 – Fickle.

The next few posts are from a reel of film that I dipped in some stain removal fluid which yielded very strange effects:IMG_0275


Day 6: Isolate.


One of the rare times when I don’t abide by the rule of 3rds.

Would also like to send a big Thank You to the (now 101) followers that helped me reach the 100 milestone yesterday – on my birthday! That’s quite some timing!

Day 5: Unnoticed.


I also didn’t notice the small bug on the stalk when taking the photo and truthfully, if I hadn’t spotted it in Lightroom I wouldn’t have posted the photo. I think it gives a second element to an otherwise ordinary flower photo. I wish I had focused on it a little better, perhaps by lifting my camera to make the focal plane cut through the front of the bulb and through the bug.

Aside from the former, I think it’s quite a fitting photo to put up on my birthday.

Macro Week #4 – Day 1: Among The Dark.


Very disappointed that I clipped the highlights but really wanted to keep the stamen well exposed. I was aiming for a glowing, luminance effect on the flower but didn’t want to overdo it with photoshop (my go-to excuse for not learning PS).