Film #17 – Rainbow?

If you look VERY closely, there’s a very faint rainbow amidst the sea of spots.




Film #15 – Fickle.

The next few posts are from a reel of film that I dipped in some stain removal fluid which yielded very strange effects:IMG_0275


Lumos (#30205)


This photo started something my course-mates and anyone who’s ever been to the pub with me since, loathed and despised. I started experimenting with off-camera flash and portraiture. This is obviously staged but since then I tried to take these photos in situ, without people noticing (until the inevitable flash). I still class myself as an amateur when it comes to portraits because I lack the experience but having free models that don’t always run away is a good way to practice I think.


IMG_6263This was a failed, overexposed photo but I tried to make the most of it. The bits that weren’t washed out made this scattered scene with lots of things about it i think. You can tell what’s happening even though it’s a black and white photo with most of it missing.