How I Work.


Image 1. The model is a photographer/Dj who asked me to take a landscape photo of him, backlit, in a forest, using his own lighting set up (2 remote flashguns either side). I did the best I could having not really been exposed to the world of photo shoots very much.


Image 2. The model is a friend of the above who tagged along for some hopeful collateral photos. No artificial light used here. He’s even looking at the above photographer. I told the current model to basically not acknowledge me and I’d take some opportunistic photos using the ambient forest light.

Personally I think the latter is better. The empty space gives more depth, rather than focusing all of the attention on the model and the absence of artificial lighting creates an atmospheric portrait.
Basically what I’m saying is: if you can do something, don’t let others tell you how to do it.


Natural (#32030)


One of my first photos of Mia. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd week we’ve had her so she’s around 2 months here and clearly a natural model.
The reason I post this photo in my Chronicles is because it’s unaltered – natural. I bent my flashgun to point at the wall to the left giving nice side lighting. I put a reflector on the right side to brighten up the shadows on the right too.

Lumos (#30205)


This photo started something my course-mates and anyone who’s ever been to the pub with me since, loathed and despised. I started experimenting with off-camera flash and portraiture. This is obviously staged but since then I tried to take these photos in situ, without people noticing (until the inevitable flash). I still class myself as an amateur when it comes to portraits because I lack the experience but having free models that don’t always run away is a good way to practice I think.


IMG_4715 Third tool-box photo. The strange pillars are soft sanding tips for the drill. The silhouette is my miniature model (see my Gravatar). This photo is intentionally not monochrome, you can see some leaks of yellow on the left and red at the bottom.



A week or so before this photo, I bought 300 dice. Consequently, I thought it would be an excellent investment to buy 300 toy soldiers. Yep, 300… Turns out I needed 4 (photo) but I have great plans for the rest! Speaking of plans, this post is a taster to what I’m going to be editing sometime next week. Yes, it involves tiny green guys but also something extra and something pretty awesome.

EDITED: I’m putting it off for now because I’ve had work photos to edit/send and a music video to shoot for a friend (poem). This future photo will unfortunately involve Photoshop at which I’m useless and the simplest things will take me hours to figure out.

Before I post the final outcome there will be some photos of random things from the same time period as well as a possible Macro Week #3 (found some interesting weeds in our “backgarden”). I thought I’d rather break the chronology a little but stick to posting daily.

Anyway, enjoy this little light-experiment. Typical student-life set up: Red tint is from flash behind a beer bottle and the “yellow” (originally light-blue is from a blue-ish bottle of cologne. Just the one off-camera flashgun used. Bottles were positioned to cover half of the flash on each side which gives the split in colours. Not sure what it looks like to you but the idea was that since the toy soldiers are all green, I’d separate them into different sides by giving them different colour casts – in other wards, revision rekindled my childhood love of toy war!!!

Dice City

wpid-wp-1402593968899.jpeg Probably the most expensive and time-consuming photo I’ve ever taken. 300 dice glued with pvc (temporary but strong enough to hold for a while) which took around 2 hours. Like I said in my “Negaticity” post, this is sort of a retake of that, on a slightly bigger budget. The “sky” is my duvet.

Graveyard (#25727)

IMG_5727So we broke into the Leicester Graveyard… well… not exactly. We got there at 8 and stayed until 11 – after the gates have closed so had to climb over the fence and avoid CCTV… It’s an amazing place for a photo-shoot anyway, if a little creepy.

Grunge (#16294)

I think this photo is what started the reign of terror that my camera became to my friends.

This is probably the colour cross-process number 3 on the Lightroom menu of stock presets. As much as I hate using them, they do have a nice hipstery/grungy look to them. It fits the picture anyway I think.