Break almost over.

Just finished a clean install of windows on my PC so should be up and running today, with a new post with photos from October in the US scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Meanwhile, a snail:

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Natural (#32030)


One of my first photos of Mia. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd week we’ve had her so she’s around 2 months here and clearly a natural model.
The reason I post this photo in my Chronicles is because it’s unaltered – natural. I bent my flashgun to point at the wall to the left giving nice side lighting. I put a reflector on the right side to brighten up the shadows on the right too.

Day 7: Bryophyte.

IMG_4785 This post concludes Macro Week #3. Next up are some more toy soldiers.

Here I was going for a minimalist, almost studio-like look. Similar set-up to with a radial filter brightening the left side along with the moss, to form a gradient.

Casual Headshot


Another housemate falls victim to my shooting…
This is mostly what I do when we play poker. Perfect time to take photos because they can’t run away from winning the game!
Flash behind him on a radiator… A few adjustments in lightroom helped bring out the dark left side and tone down the forehead.
Just proves that you don’t need a studio to take portraits.