No posts for the past week, sorry. PC’s HDD is somewhat broken so I’m trying to recover the photos I should be uploading, from it.
In the meantime, here’s a Steadicam!


How I Work.


Image 1. The model is a photographer/Dj who asked me to take a landscape photo of him, backlit, in a forest, using his own lighting set up (2 remote flashguns either side). I did the best I could having not really been exposed to the world of photo shoots very much.


Image 2. The model is a friend of the above who tagged along for some hopeful collateral photos. No artificial light used here. He’s even looking at the above photographer. I told the current model to basically not acknowledge me and I’d take some opportunistic photos using the ambient forest light.

Personally I think the latter is better. The empty space gives more depth, rather than focusing all of the attention on the model and the absence of artificial lighting creates an atmospheric portrait.
Basically what I’m saying is: if you can do something, don’t let others tell you how to do it.

Casual Headshot


Another housemate falls victim to my shooting…
This is mostly what I do when we play poker. Perfect time to take photos because they can’t run away from winning the game!
Flash behind him on a radiator… A few adjustments in lightroom helped bring out the dark left side and tone down the forehead.
Just proves that you don’t need a studio to take portraits.