Into the Woods (#57043).



Low shutter, cleaned my sensor since…


Day 6: Xenophyte.

IMG_4173Coming to an end of the second Macro Week. Again, no idea what’s the name of this plant but it’s probably a xenophyte: thick leaves and waxy cuticle – A-Level biology is finally useful!
Another reason why I hate spiders: their webs make right eye-sores in photos sometimes.

Day 4: Not a Flower.

IMG_4124This one caught my eye because the sun picked it out of the rest of the bush. I like having a camera directly behind some leaves or branches when looking at the subject. They bend the light and give some fun abstractions of the bokeh. They make macro photos more interesting meaning I don’t have to use photoshop to spruce them up.
Just FYI, these are all from the same walk around Leicester campus in May (backlogs…), while waiting for a friend to finish his exam.