Day 7: 4 Rose.


Short message to visitors: Please don’t jump straight to the description of the photo. I’d appreciate it greatly┬áif you had a good look, formed your own opinion and possibly voiced it in the comments.

The descriptions to my posts can sometimes destroy the illusion of own interpretation, I try not to do it but I like to explain my photos rather than just post for the sake of posting.

Back to the post:

Final post of this Macro Week, there are several already planned. Remember, these images are taken a while back (month or two). I went to an allotment complex the day before yesterday and took 200+ macro photos so at least one Macro Week feature should come out of those!

Nothing fancy in this photo. I liked that the rose is very beautiful until you look closely and see the damage on the edges. The other aesthetic feature is the colour balance between the subject and the rose in the foreground on the left. By colour balance I mean relative to the layout of the frame.


Syrup (#28667)

Second post of the day but for good reasons! I completely forgot to make a Chronicles post last Tuesday, also I’m testing posting time vs. likes and didn’t want to leave too big a gap between posts.

IMG_8667I was really running out of photo subjects (as you’ll also see in next week’s post…). The mug and syrup were on top of my amp for ‘some reason’ so I decided to have a little fun with composition. Seeing as these are two very very dull subjects I tried to use all they had to offer.

To make the photo more dynamic and interesting I balanced the lid on the can and supported it a little with the mug. The syrup dripping from the spoon was another element which also balanced the shiny texture of the can, which I in turn emphasised in post-processing, along with the colours of the photo, by complementing the yellows with some blue toning of shadows and reducing the saturation of other colours, though the scene was quite monotone to begin with.