Northern Autumn.

IMG_6186Also from the Zeiss lens. Really liking the F3.5 aperture. Just enough depth of field to separate the subject but keeps the background distinguishable.



Evening Edit.

IMG_6701 IMG_6701-3¬†You can sort of make daylight photos look like evening shots in Lightroom. The shadows won’t quite match because the sun isn’t actually low but it will at least fool some people and seem like avery warm day to others (movie-like sun, Arizona or something). Use the temperature control sparingly, go to the bottom of the menu and turn the image calibration tone to the pink side to taste. You might have to bring out the blues in the HLS section. Reduce the shadows and bring back some blacks, add some contrast and get rid of any residual bird poo.

Ice, Ice, Bubbles (#40025)


Had a social at the Dry Dock in Leicester with photosoc people. Everyone brought their cameras of course, and what do you take photos of in a pub? 

Had some portraits and stuff but this was probably the best one. Just an aesthetic shot of some beer. The glass was cold but not frosted over, giving a wet, icy texture in the bottom right.

Syrup (#28667)

Second post of the day but for good reasons! I completely forgot to make a Chronicles post last Tuesday, also I’m testing posting time vs. likes and didn’t want to leave too big a gap between posts.

IMG_8667I was really running out of photo subjects (as you’ll also see in next week’s post…). The mug and syrup were on top of my amp for ‘some reason’ so I decided to have a little fun with composition. Seeing as these are two very very dull subjects I tried to use all they had to offer.

To make the photo more dynamic and interesting I balanced the lid on the can and supported it a little with the mug. The syrup dripping from the spoon was another element which also balanced the shiny texture of the can, which I in turn emphasised in post-processing, along with the colours of the photo, by complementing the yellows with some blue toning of shadows and reducing the saturation of other colours, though the scene was quite monotone to begin with.