Photoshop (#59758).




This was my first attempt at photoshopping two of my photos. I’ve used PS before but never for my photos. I’ve not done much photoshopping since, apart from the odd panorama.


Evening Edit.

IMG_6701 IMG_6701-3 You can sort of make daylight photos look like evening shots in Lightroom. The shadows won’t quite match because the sun isn’t actually low but it will at least fool some people and seem like avery warm day to others (movie-like sun, Arizona or something). Use the temperature control sparingly, go to the bottom of the menu and turn the image calibration tone to the pink side to taste. You might have to bring out the blues in the HLS section. Reduce the shadows and bring back some blacks, add some contrast and get rid of any residual bird poo.

Day 5: Own Garden.

IMG_3172This is taking garden-creeping to the next level. Taken at an allotment centre, with 10s of gardens next to each other and lots of flowers/plants to photograph. I don’t have all that many photos to show though. It was quite rainy hence the water droplets but during editing I managed to figure out how to process the photo to look realistically like and overcast evening – warm rather than grey/blue (tutorial will be posted in a couple of days).

Lightroom Experiments: Sneak.

IMG_4871-2 IMG_4871


In this one I tried to make my own bokeh. The four spots on the red blood patch are actually adjustment brush points set to reduce saturation to 20% and increase exposure, with a very tiny amount of feathering. I tried to keep the size similar to the actual bokeh but they look a bit too small. The SNEAKY trick here is a radial filter on the light shaft in the centre of the frame to make it a little more pronounced and draw viewers’ focus more subtly than a standard vignette.


Lightroom Experiments: Fire & Smoke.

IMG_4829-2 IMG_4829Tried to use what the shot offered here. The column of bokeh in the background looked like a column of smoke to me so I worked around that. To me it looks like a huge ash pile on top of which is a bonfire that the guy in the background is huddling close to, but is going to have a rather bad day (here’s you thinking you could view this subjectively).