Film #29 – No Mooring.

Had to balance the camera on a metal pin to get the exposure still enough.IMG_0546



Anty-Human – 4 Days Left.

Another shot revealed from the film – Trailer coming tomorrow!
Here I used the Prinzflex 28mm F2.8. It’s one of my favourite lenses even though it has a very soft focus. While I can always fix the sharpness a little in post, there’s something this lens does that I can’t replicate in the edit. The focal plane of this lens is concave rather than being convex (parallel to the convexity of the glass). This means that while the subject in the middle of the frame is in focus (not entirely true in this shot), the edges of the frame will keep slightly more distant objects in focus while the background in the middle will be more out of focus.

You can somewhat see this effect in this shot. The bokeh in the middle of the frame is much wider than bokeh on the edges – note that the leaves in the centre are much closer than those on the edges too! I used this lens a lot in sequences containing ants, to give a wide angle picture of the scene but making it look “a little off” just like macro photography looks in comparison to e.g. landscapes.

This shot is from a sequence where ants have not been introduced yet. It’s a hint at the perspective of an ant – in actuality, the camera is in a bag that the actor is reaching into to take out some bread, but it should give a little clue to what’s coming.