Macro Week #14 – Day 1.



Back to blogging. Kicking off with another macro week (term used incredibly loosely). The official definition being “7 posts of mainly plant close ups, or something”.
I will soon catch up on Chronicle posts of which there are only 4 left. Those posts are of my photos pre-2014. I will probably continue the series every week with a selection of photos from 2014 which will hopefully take us to 2016 (so on and forth).

One Year!

Started the blog a year ago today. Reached 200 followers yesterday which was sweet! Thanks all. Here are some boring stats:

I posted at different times of the day, every day for 168 days (24×7) here are the average “like” results and the standard deviations, both positive and negative.

Today onwards, I’ll be posting at 8am and 9pm. I’ll probably make two posts per day because the photos I’m posting now are from October so I’d like to catch up to today’s date quickly.

Playing With Fire


The fun you can have with a fork and a stove is endless…
My housemate Sam was used in this experiment as the fork-wielder. He struck the stove and I got the shot.
I couldnt find a good focus point because of how broad the subject is, so I thought I’d use the centre (I have a similar problem with apples). That made a pretty abstract flame shot with a bit of bokeh going on in the background.
Might use it in winter, as a wallpaper on my phone.