Film #32 – Planet Circus.




Macro Week #14 – Day 1.



Back to blogging. Kicking off with another macro week (term used incredibly loosely). The official definition being “7 posts of mainly plant close ups, or something”.
I will soon catch up on Chronicle posts of which there are only 4 left. Those posts are of my photos pre-2014. I will probably continue the series every week with a selection of photos from 2014 which will hopefully take us to 2016 (so on and forth).

Playing With Fire


The fun you can have with a fork and a stove is endless…
My housemate Sam was used in this experiment as the fork-wielder. He struck the stove and I got the shot.
I couldnt find a good focus point because of how broad the subject is, so I thought I’d use the centre (I have a similar problem with apples). That made a pretty abstract flame shot with a bit of bokeh going on in the background.
Might use it in winter, as a wallpaper on my phone.