Dogs get cold too.


Lightroom Experiments: Fire & Smoke.

IMG_4829-2 IMG_4829Tried to use what the shot offered here. The column of bokeh in the background looked like a column of smoke to me so I worked around that. To me it looks like a huge ash pile on top of which is a bonfire that the guy in the background is huddling close to, but is going to have a rather bad day (here’s you thinking you could view this subjectively).

Lightroom Expriments: Tunnel

IMG_4804 Original IMG_4804

Before and after shot of what I’ve been working on recently. No actual Photoshop was used – just adjustment brush layers in LR. I tried to be thorough with reflections like the edges of the tunnel and elbows/knee of the soldier.

The “tunnel” is really the hollow part of the bottom of a wall-topper, where the cement binds. Said cement is the crumbled debris around the tunnel along with some “burning” moss.


This is a series of photos I took on one of those melancholic nights. I think most of my “projects” begin at 2am.

I’m calling this series “Medicine” and am leaving the context for your interpretation. Please comment on what you think about it or if I should change the order to make an alternative plot. Any criticism is welcome.

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Playing With Fire


The fun you can have with a fork and a stove is endless…
My housemate Sam was used in this experiment as the fork-wielder. He struck the stove and I got the shot.
I couldnt find a good focus point because of how broad the subject is, so I thought I’d use the centre (I have a similar problem with apples). That made a pretty abstract flame shot with a bit of bokeh going on in the background.
Might use it in winter, as a wallpaper on my phone.