IMG_0168An overdue Chronicle’s post. Saw this person at Kelmarsh reenactment and thought that the attire and modern technology mixture was quite amusing, but the oddest thing to me was the way he’s holding the camera. I’m not sure if it’s just me but if I take a portrait photo, I tend to have the side with the shutter release be on top which is actually counterintuitive for me since I’m left-handed.

Kelmarsh Reenactment. (#30010)


I was invited to photograph the famous reenactment site in the UK – Kelmarsh. Unfortunately, because it is the UK, their plans of fighting in very heavy chain armour, with very heavy swords, and my plans of taking photos of their hard work from a comfortable-ish seat, were ruined by rain. I still managed some photos of the flooded village but my favourite is this – mainly because I love medieval ranged weapons. This was one of the two stationary weapons they had, the other was a trebuchet which is an order of magnitude more impressive but arrows are more appealing to me.
Best thing – they let me use it, and it is awesome. If the arrows weren’t blunted with a large leather ball, it would probably kill.