My short cinematic story of ants and man is completed. Hopefully it’s as enjoyable to watch as it was to create. I have to say it would have been completely different if not for the beautiful music by David Lemus. I would really appreciate a view by either clicking the image or playing the video below.shot4


Day 7: Green Hopper.

IMG_4851So I chased the sound of this little thing for around half hour until I got close enough (15cm) to take a photo. Grass in the way of the lens was a problem but I didn’t want to ‘use’ it this time (see previous post). Bonus ant top right.

I hate spiders.


Slowly getting over irrational fears. This one is perfectly rational though, I mean… SPIDERS!
This one I could handle though, a whole 1cm of spider! Needed some practice in insect macro in preparation for my formica rufa documentary and luckily got the mandibles in focus here.