Day 7: Keep Your Enemies Closer.


Being in love with wildlife photography, it’s a bit of a disadvantage to be afraid of spiders bigger than a 1p coin.

Everyone says full immersion is the cure but I’d rather just have a mutual agreement not to bother each other.

This guy/gal was just chilling on his/her web so I took a photo. The diagonal of the silk composed well with the position of the spider in the frame. Had he/she moved, I wouldn’t have taken the shot, but not because of compositional discrepancies. No, I would’ve probably dropped the camera altogether and ran to my room.

I hate spiders.


Slowly getting over irrational fears. This one is perfectly rational though, I mean… SPIDERS!
This one I could handle though, a whole 1cm of spider! Needed some practice in insect macro in preparation for my formica rufa documentary and luckily got the mandibles in focus here.