Some pun about photography setting sail? nah. (#9523)

Having taken nearly 10000 photos by this point, I still managed to find random things to photograph.

I don’t think this is a particularly good photo but multiple people (my mum and my mum) have “liked” the photo and not only on Facebook (mum doesn’t have an account so HA…).

By the way, the hash sign on these weekly posts isn’t one of those hip hashtags kids go on about these days, it’s just the capture number.


An idea more than anything (#1509)

Still being in mine and the 550D’s honeymoon phase, I started looking at things through 3D glasses (standard procedure) and noticed that Haribo cherries have nearly the same colours as the lenses. Took a break from photographing cutlery and this happened.IMG_1509Might have another go at this with some red/green specs and maybe a less terrible backdrop.

Hello World

So, as with any first blog-post, I’ve not yet established a structure and this post will probably end up in a misc. section in a few weeks. Anyway, here are two shots from a rainy Saturday walk around Hillingdon.







Lots of similarities and differences between these two. Obviously spotted when editing, don’t think I actually have an eye for these things.