Shadow Cat. (#51232)


Photo of my cat sat in the wardrobe. Lit by remote flash from behind.


Hair. (#50889)


Starting a new blog year and breaking the halfway mark with this “Chronicles” post. #50889 is the 50,000+ shot i took on a DSLR. Right now I’m at around 101,837 which is almost exactly double.
Anyway, this is an experimental portrait with my girlfriend and my flashgun. Decided to make it very contrasting and high key to emphasise the texture of the hair.

Glimpse. (#48723)

IMG_8723Another Chronicle post. This photo is what started my “Glimpse” collection. This is my grandmother wearing an eye protector after her cataract surgery. She’s had cataracts for over 10 years so the result here was crucial. I just tried to capture the emotion.