Candid? (#14556)

IMG_4556These are no longer in chronological order because I cant read.

Anyway, this was 2 years ago, out and about in Leicester with Photography Society peeps, same day as the ladybird, market and cat-in-window shot and probably the next couple of “Chronicles” posts.

These old cars were parked outside City Rooms and this lady was smoking by the entrance. Her outfit and the cigarette really fit the car aesthetic so we asked her to not so much pose but just smoke closer to the cars. She let us take some shots and who knows, maybe she’s reading this…

Statistics tell a different story…




2 responses to “Candid? (#14556)”

  1. Great shot. With her face in shadow and the smoke going across it, she looks a little ghost like. It’s as thought she’s stepped out of the past into your photo of an old car.


    1. I see what you mean, the focus is also on the car and not her which may amplify this effect.


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