Macro Week #18 – Day 3.

Another shot from the Miranda macro lens. £5 at a carboot sale.


Day 2: Phaenicia sericata


Fancy latin name for a common green bottle fly. Pro-tip for handheld insect photos: Use manual focus and spam the shutter button. Even if there’s no wind, breathing will put the focus off so with 20-40 shots you should have at least one in focus.

Day 4: Not Flowers!


Very few Macro Week posts tend to be of anything other than flowers and to be honest, I am slowly running out of flowers and will probably start revisiting some in hopefully creative ways.

Anyway, this is a hoverfly which I was lucky enough to photograph with the eyes in focus. It seems like a difficult task but is very easy to achieve. I got the shot while the fly was being incredibly still in hovering. I also took around 20 photos and one happened to be in focus. It’s a shame the background isn’t very interesting.