Glass – 01. Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro | Overview

01. Canon 100mm F2.8 IMG_0885

You could say, best for first.. This is definitely the best lens I’ve ever bought or used. I bought it second hand, hence the scratch on the bottom, just below the Canon logo.

With expensive lenses like these, it’s sometimes a good idea to buy used, because the previous owner is likely to take great care of it. This scratch is purely cosmetic and saved me £100 off the retail price… I’ve had it for 2 years now with no problems.

Buying a UV filter for expensive lenses is a must, you can put a price on protection but it’s going to be the cost of a new one unfortunately.. Don’t spend less than £30 on a filter!


The lens is surprisingly versatile. It’s perfect for portraits and can give a very shallow depth if you need it. It is of course brilliant for macro photography and videography. I even used it for some street photography, mainly close ups or long shots. The 100mm on a full frame camera is not as tight as you might think..


Coming up: comparison shots and test sample photos. Questions about the lens are more than welcome.


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