One Year!

Started the blog a year ago today. Reached 200 followers yesterday which was sweet! Thanks all. Here are some boring stats:

I posted at different times of the day, every day for 168 days (24×7) here are the average “like” results and the standard deviations, both positive and negative.

Today onwards, I’ll be posting at 8am and 9pm. I’ll probably make two posts per day because the photos I’m posting now are from October so I’d like to catch up to today’s date quickly.


Update #2

Even better news. Yesterday around midnight I posted one of my best photos on 500px and have been overwhelmed by the amount of feedback. It actually made it to the popular pages!IMG_1723 Click the photo to see it on 500px and/or click here to buy a 12×8 print.


A small experiment I’ve conducted for over 2 months (72 days):like stats

I’ve scheduled posts at different hours during the day for all 24 hours, repeated the process 3 times though the inconsistent graph means I should continue with more repeats though I think a completely new study is appropriate. I’ve had my viewer-ship change from mostly UK to mostly US and I’ve scheduled the posts at those times randomly rather than in ascending or descending order which is what I should do.